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Paul's Instruction and Urging to Women

Series: Titus

Speaker: Jeremiah Greever


Paul’s Instruction and Urging to Women

Titus 2:3-5


  1. Christian Older Women Conduct
    1. Difficulty of the Text
      1. Passages like these in the New Testament elicit such controversial reactions because many women today have the mindset that they don’t want to be considered subservient, less than, or have any role (even God given) that’s different than a man. The mentality that women can do anything that a man can do is the ringing message that is broadcasted throughout our society.
      2. However, the second reason that I believe this and other passages like it elicit such drastic responses is because men have been heavy-handed, arrogant, and prideful in their God given roles as men. There have been many men who have sought to exploit women as lesser, weaker, and insignificant, all the while abusing Biblical passages such as these.
  • There are a lot of misconceptions about the Biblical definitions on God given gender roles, and we would all be much better served if we come to this passage not with a mindset of arrogance or pride, but rather with a submissive and humble spirit.
  1. This word, “likewise”, is the same word that he will use in verse 6 when addressing younger men, it’s the same word that he uses in 1 Timothy 3:11 when also addressing women in the church, and it’s the same word that is used about Jesus in Luke 22:20 at the Passover, that after passing the bread, Jesus “in the same way took the cup”.
  2. So this word also means “in the same way”, and essentially is Paul’s way of connecting the older men of verse 2 with the older women of verse 3.
  1. Specific Instructions for Older Women
    1. So Paul begins by telling directly and specifically how older women should generally live in an overarching way – “reverent in their behavior”.
    2. Paul intentionally gives this command first because he is saying something profound and highly significant – your conduct is indicative of your heart.
      1. We’re reminded of what Jesus says in Matthew 7. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a bad fruit cannot produce good fruit.
      2. Paul is clear from the beginning that older women (and all of us), be sure that your faith is consistent in both our inner lives and our outer lives. Older women make sure that you are consistent in your life.
  • Not Malicious Gossips – In order to understand this, we must understand inclinations.
    1. This temptation is something that Paul understands is a human problem, and it’s part of the human condition. Paul has on numerous occasions called Christians to not partake in gossip.
      1. Ephesians 4:29
      2. 1 Timothy 5:13
      3. Romans 1:29-30
      4. So it is clearly evident that Paul is calling on Christians as a whole to not partake in this sin.
    2. Women, understand if this is a temptation in your life and in your heart.
    3. Gossip is unrestrained conversation about someone else that is neither edifying, helpful, or beneficial for you, the person you are speaking to, or the person spoken about.
    4. Older women, if you only speak well of others, and reject any sort of gossip or negative speaking about others, then your example will trickle down to the rest of the church. In a real sense, it starts with you.
  1. Not Enslaved to much Wine –Paul has emphasized before the importance of being levelheaded and not being controlled by anything other than Christ.
    1. Paul is emphasizing that Christians must only be controlled by Christ.
    2. Don’t have a loose tongue and don’t be intoxicated.
    3. Older women, you have a duty yes, to the church, but first and primarily to Christ to be controlled at all times.
  2. Teaching what is Good – This teaching is referring to personal relationships.
    1. We must understand gender roles.
    2. Older women, teach others of the kindness, strength, hope, and salvation given through your Savior.
  3. Relationship Between Older and Younger Women
    1. Purpose of Older Women Following Sound Advice
      1. Purpose clause connecting verses 3 and 4.
      2. So what is the result of older women’s obedience?
  • Young Women are affected in a positive way.
    1. Older women, are you encouraging, or training younger women? Younger women, are you being encouraged or trained by older women?
  1. What Younger Women Called
    1. Love their Husbands –Paul is building a consistent narrative of what the Christian home should look like. Both husbands and wives, love your spouse!
      1. Specifically younger women, Paul is saying that you need to listen to older, wiser, godly women to help encourage you in your pursuit to live godly in your marriage.
    2. Love their Children
      1. First, raising children can be hard. 3
      2. Paul’s saying to you mothers – love your children.
        1. This means that you demonstrate grace to your children even when they don’t deserve it, for the purpose of pointing your children to the One who gives eternal grace freely.
      3. Secondly, discipline your children because you love them. Don’t teach them that the world revolves around them.
  • Sensible and Pure –These two exhortations are very similar because Paul is calling younger women to be both self-controlled and pure in their manner of living.
    1. Younger women, be pure in your living.
    2. Be self-controlled in your speech, actions, and reactions.
  1. Workers at Home, Kind, and Subject to Own Husbands
    1. The first phrase, “workers at home” could be translated as “keepers at home” (if you have KJV) or “to be busy at home” (if you have the NIV). I think the NIV has the best textual evidence, and it seems to continue what Paul is trying to say. Paul has already condemned in 1 Timothy 5:13-14 the temptation and sin of idleness.
    2. In the same way that Paul has encouraged men away from their natural inclinations and tendencies towards temptation and sin, so too is Paul encouraging women away from the natural inclination and tendency towards sin.
    3. Paul is saying that when women are idle and have nothing to do, the temptation becomes to not follow his instructions above.
    4. Paul is emphasizing that all Christians how to live in a godly manner.
    5. Paul also says for younger women to be “kind”, which is continuing what he had just said.
  2. Finally, Paul says that younger women are to “be subject to their own husbands”. I think Paul’s saying two things here.
    1. First, the wife’s husband is the only one who ultimately can fill the role of leader, encourager, and helper.
    2. Secondly, this word “subject” is not an indication of who we are in Christ (Galatians 3:28)
    3. God has given different roles. Neither the male or female role is better than the other, and both are necessary. As we see from Creation in Genesis 1-2, females are the compliments, or completions of males. In that light, what Paul is saying here makes perfect sense. Women, your role in marriage is to be submissive to your husband, and loving in your interaction. This does not mean that your husband is always right. It does not mean that you never make decisions in the home. But it does mean that just as Paul said in Ephesians 5:22-24, your role in marriage younger women, are to love and support your husband.
  3. God’s Word Honored through Conduct
    1. Paul concludes verse 5 with yet again another purpose clause, “so that”, again giving us the result of younger women paying attention to older women and following Paul’s exhortations of living in godliness. The result is “that the word of God will not be dishonored”.
    2. The whole purpose of all that we have said today is ultimately so that God’s Word, the Bible, will not be dishonored.
  • Something far greater is happening here in this text than stepping on your toes or mine.
  1. What’s happening here is the Bible’s honor is on the line! Christian, how you and I treat God’s Word and the truths of God’s Word speaks volumes to others outside of the church, others inside of the church, and ourselves about whether the Bible is truly and completely authoritative.
  2. Now is the time for trusting in God, and by trusting in God, we honor, proclaim, and glorify His name.

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