About Us


About Us

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Our Story:

On August 18, 1938, during a tent meeting, First Baptist Church of St. John's Station was organized. Our church began with nine charter members, and soon  the church grew in size as it reached its community for Christ. Throughout its history, FBC St. John has been the faith family many have called home. Today our purpose and mission remains true to the church's founding: to glorify God in  knowing Christ, and making Christ known in our community and beyond. 

 Our Core Values:
1. Found People Find People

We see what it means to make disciples from The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18–20 and in Acts 1:8. We must live on mission personally, locally and globally, to make much of Christ and bring Him glory. We believe Christ deserves worship from everyone on earth, and as long as there are people not yet worshipping Him, we still have work to do. It is our desire to complete the task that God has given the Church, to preach the gospel to all nations, and hasten the return of Christ! We are all called to make disciples, wherever we are.

2. Growing People Change

God saves sinners to change them profoundly. We believe that God desires to changes everything about us for our good and His glory. Once we have a relationship with Jesus, we are not the same people we once were. We can keep moving forward because Jesus has changed us from the inside out. The apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 3 that he has not been made perfect, but he keeps moving forward, taking the steps that Jesus is leading him to take.

3. Saved People Serve People

Not every servant is saved, but every saved person is a servant. Jesus came to serve, and as His ambassadors, we are His servants. We seek to serve one another, serve our church, and our community.  

4. You Can’t Out-give God

God is a giver! And He wants us to give as well. As God's people, we are called to be good stewards of our time, talents, and treasure.  

5. You Can’t Do Life Alone

Living in community is the biblical model we see throughout Scripture, first in the Trinity and then in the New Testament Church. Living in Community for the glory of God is one of our best arguments for Jesus among our unbelieving friends and family. God created us to live in community, and we most effectively live out our mission as the family of God, together. We strive to be creative in our approaches to connecting with one another in Community.

Our Network:

Although we exist as an autonomous congregation, we understand the power of connecting and cooperating with other gospel-centered churches and organizations. To that end, we are part of a nation-wide network of over 40,000 churches called the Southern Baptist Convention. We partner together to do some amazing things. For example, our network sponsors over 5,000 missionaries who are sharing the love and message of Jesus globally. We work together to plant new churches in major cities across the U.S., operate the second largest disaster relief organization in North America, and have created seminaries to train new generations of leaders for churches around the world. We are excited about the power of this network to increase the impact of our church.


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